#BeAmazing 100 Days until my Marathon Season begins

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Have you ever asked yourself what amazing really is? One persons amazing accomplishments could be moronic to the stranger sitting next to them. A few months ago, I was selected to represent the St. Petersburg Womens Half Marathon Series from my partnership with FitFluential. It's amazing how much has changed from the moment I signed on to that marathon. Let's just say, November 2013 is going to be a life changer and a major test.

I am 100 days away from running my very first full marathon - the New York Marathon. I will be honest, when I signed up for the lottery, I never thought I would get in. I was already signed up for 2 half marathons in November and now I am adding a full to the mix. I will be the first to admit, I bit off way more than I can chew but I am going to stay positive throughout the next few months and kick the doubt monsters butt every time he enters my thoughts.

Now let's talk November - we've got a race scheduled every weekend except Thanksgiving, two of which are out of state. I have 6 days between my first full marathon and my 6th half marathon. Although my race schedule is pretty insane starting 100 days from today, I am very excited to be part of each one of these events.

Don't let me be cray cray all by myself, come run with me! All of the below races with the exception of NY are still open for registration and I have discount codes for Rock n Roll Savannah, Run For Your Lives 5K (nationwide) & Womens Running Series, St. Pete!

New York City Marathon
November 3rd, 2013

Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, Savannah
November 9th, 2013
Save $10 with Rock n Roll Savannah discount code WINESAV

Run for your Lives 5K Zombie Run, Central Florida
Save 15% with Run For Your Lives Discount code ZPTD2

Womens Running Series, St. Petersburg
Save $10 with Women's Running Series St. Pete Discount code FITFLMEG


  1. You've definitely lost your mind...that's for sure. Buttttt I still have faith you'll pull it all off with grace :)

    1. Oh trust me, I know I have lost it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You will definately be a busy lady! I just got into running this year and my fiance and I ran our first half in April in Pensacola Beach.I really want that race to become a yearly one! We plan on doing a 10K (me) and a 15K (him) in October. And we've registered for our next half in St. Augustine, can't wait for that one!
    Great blog :)

  3. Girl, I am so impressed! You are going to kill it. Especially that zombie one...you don't really have a choice but to run fast, right?! :)

  4. yay!!!!! so eoxcited! and i love the little ticker


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