Grilled Brie with Honey Recipe

Friday, July 12, 2013
A few months ago, I went to Savannah for my friend Darlynn's Hen Party. One stop I had to make was to the Savannah Bee Company. My friend Lauren visited Savannah Bee last year and after seeing her review, I knew we had to make a visit.
photo borrowed from Tampa Uncorked
$100+ later with the realization that the only souvenirs I purchased while in Savannah were from Savannah Bee Company, I happily headed home with plenty of honey. One of the gifts I purchased was for my Mom, Savannah Bee Company Grill Honey and Fire & Flavor Cheese Grilling Planks.

We made grilled brie last night and couldn't believe how amazing it was. Grilling brie brings on a whole new flavor to my favorite cheese. Topping it with honey accented the smokey flavor to the brie. I have seen the boards I purchased at Savannah Bee Company at Tuesday Morning.

Making this delicious appetizer is this easy: Soak your grilling plank for 1 hour. Grill the soaked plank on a preheated grill (350 degrees) for 3 minutes. Flip the plank and place your brie wheel on the grilled side. Close the lid and grill for 15 minutes. Top with honey. You can serve this with crackers, apples, grapes, nuts or whatever else you prefer.

Speaking of Savannah, the Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon Series recently added a relay to their lineup! I will surely be bringing our family to Savannah Bee Company while in town for the race. If you are interested in running, you have until July 31st to register before prices increase. You can also save $10 off the Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon & Half Marathon w/ the discount code: WINESAV

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  1. Looks yummy! I love Brie, especially with turkey:)


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