A non-sponsored unhealthy post and I LOVE IT...Gino's Pizza is coming to Tampa

Monday, July 29, 2013
I had a pizza moment tonight.

Last month, I went to the NKOTB/B2M concert in Orlando with some girlfriends. Don't judge. After a few cocktails, all I wanted was a slice of pizza from Gino's, a popular pizza spot that was introduced to me by my brother Aaron. He claimed this was "the best pizza on earth". I can concur by saying it's one of the best late night pizzas I have ever encountered. After hanging tough to some motown philly at the concert, we arrived at Gino's and I saw they were closed. WHAAAAAT? Hearts were broken.........I was sad, I was lost.....and ended up with a giant kielbasa on a potato roll.

Fast forward to an unexpected month later. Gabe and I got stuck in a rainstorm after an impromptu Monday date night in Ybor City. We live in Ybor and are in walking distance of  all the fabulous restaurants in our city. While we have plenty of date night restaurants, one thing Ybor doesn't lack is pizza joints. I would generally roll my eyes at the opening of a new one. From the day we first moved to Ybor 2+ years ago, we were loyal customers of Demi's Market on 7th..  With that said, I am slightly broken hearted while very excited to write this post. I am very sorry Demi's BUT...........This just happened:
Megan: "Gino's Pizza?! Like Gino's in Orlando???? The sign says it has garlic rolls with each pizza? Gino's in Orlando did that. It looks like their logo??"
Gabe:  Possibly, the sign has a 407 area code....
Megan: sign? What sign? Oh...My.....God.......it really is Gino's! It's Gino's....in Ybor!!!!! I gotta text Aaron"
Ginos Tampa - photo from Ginos Facebook
Hello Lover! This my Tampa friends is the exact sign that I have stumbled upon multiple times on Orange Ave in Orlando.
Gino's Orlando
EEEEEEE!!!! I am doing the Happy Pizza dance

SERIOUSLY....I am a Ybor resident who happens to be a future bride on a diet. I have an obsession with pizza and a have a future groom who does not help my pizza habit. Gino's arrival to Ybor City is the best and worst news one could get in a night. I cannot wait until Ginos is open. In fact, Gabe was singing "Gino's Gino's Gino's around the house tonight. I fear I will use every excuse not to cook. "let's just order Gino's" God help me.......

All of my Gino's moments have happened after a few adult beverages, meaning I forgot to take out my phone for photos. Below are a few I have kindly borrowed from fellow foodspotting members. Garlic knots included.

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  1. Hahaha...I'm dying. Your excitement is screaming from the text in this post. Although I am clearly not as obsessed with pizza as you (especially the non-gourmet kind-yes I'm a snob)...you have me allllllmost convinced. PLEASE take me here and further convince me once they open :) Can't wait.


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