Wedding Wednesday - Jackson Square nuptials

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since Gabe asked me to marry him. That was by far the fastest month of my life. I can only imagine what the next 13 months will be like. Over the past 3+ weeks, I have been asked more times why we are getting married in New Orleans - Why New Orleans? What family member lives there? Did we meet there? Are one of us from there? Nope - we just love it there and it is what we both want.

Beyond the date (9.27.14), another major detail has been finalized. The contract has been signed, sealed, paid for and delivered for our ceremony at Jackson Square, New Orleans!!

Jackson Square is one of our favorite locations of New Orleans which is directly in front of St. Louis Cathedral. The very first thing we do every time in NOLA is drop off our luggage, take a stroll to Cafe du Monde and walk through Jackson Square to check out paintings from local artists. New Orleans will always be a special place for us so it made sense to have a destination wedding in our favorite city.

When we found out you could rent Jackson Square, there was no question that we would be getting married there.

The backdrop of this venue is beyond perfect.I have found multiple photos of weddings inside of Jackson Square and below are a few of my favorites. Click on each photo to be taken to the original source of each image.


  1. oh what a gorgeous location! Congrats on getting your venue picked :) I always like to see the dress (and the dresses that don't make the cut!)

    1. Thank you so much!!! My maids are making me do a "say yes to the dress" tour and I am sure there will be a lengthy post about that w/ photos of the dresses that didn't cut it :)

  2. AHHHH!!!! It's gonna be so gorgeous. I can only imagine how amazing the photos will come out. When I think of N'awlins I definitely think of the St. Louis Cathedral first!

  3. Ooo that is amazingly beautiful! I cannot wait to see pics!! Get married now, please?


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