Afternoon Tea in London, Hyatt Regency Churchill

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
During our honeymoon, we had one day to spend in London and were like crazed tourists. We were able to see quite a bit during our short trip which I will talk about more later, but first I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things to do, having a traditional English afternoon tea. My former job had an authentic London tea room located just around the corner. It was a weekly tradition for a group of us to have afternoon tea, most of time turned into champagne tea.
Photo from Hyatt Regency Churchill
If you are unfamiliar with the proper afternoon tea tradition, you receive a tiered plate with multiple finger foods. Traditional British sandwiches, warm scones are served with clotted cream, French pastries, fruit tartlets and mini desserts. All this is served with a pot of of tea of your choice.
Photo from Hyatt Regency Churchill 
We had Afternoon tea at Hyatt Regency Churchill who was awarded the prestigious Tea Guild’s award of excellence 2012. Gabe had never had an afternoon tea before and I watched amused as he stared in confusion. I ordered the champagne tea (duh) and Gabe got the traditional afternoon tea. The champagne tea came with a delicious glass of Pommery.
Our plate of goodies arrived without the hot scones. The reason they did it this way was so you could enjoy your scones fresh out of the oven. I knew the scones were coming out but Gabe didn't and he was under the impression that the afternoon tea consisted of the sandwiches and pastries we received. Even at that, he was talking about how much food was on the plate. Little did he know.....We started with the British sandwiches. Hyatt Regency Churchill changes their fillings everyday - but my favorite from the lineup went to the smoked salmon baguettes.
After we finished our sandwiches, we received the fresh out of the oven, warm scones.There were traditional scones and raisin scones.
Which were served with a generous portion of clotted cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd. The scones and creams were absolutely my favorite part of the afternoon tea. Dreaming about them right now.....
The French pastries and mini desserts were barely touched after we tore the scones apart. However, they were pretty to look at during our meal! I made sure to save room for the mint chocolate macaron. I was so happy to take Gabe to his first afternoon tea. How we've been together for nearly 5 years and I haven't had afternoon tea with him prior to now is beyond me.
Following the tea, we headed out to continue our one day adventure in London. We exited the Hyatt Regency Churchill and I saw this cab, which I had to jump in for a photo opp with. I would have driven around in the Tory Burch car all day if I could!

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