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Thursday, October 23, 2014
I received an email a week ago from ASICS, asking me to complete the following sentence:
You know you're a marathoner when...

I happened to be on the phone with my best friend Keri and she repeated a joke between the two of us "when you say your done running anything more than a 10K and find yourself registering for a race the following week". While running the runDisney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge earlier in the year, I exclaimed "I'M DONE!!!" halfway though the 19.3 mile adventure. Keri thought I was dropping out of the race, but I looked at her and swore off any distance further than a 10K from that point forward. A mere week later, I signed up for another half marathon. As of today, I have two full marathons and a half marathon on my calendar.

Did you know that less than 1% of the population completes marathons every year? 43% are women, 57% are men and the median age is 36. The New York City Marathon is the largest marathon of all time coming in at >50,000. To put that number into prospective for my runDisney readers, the Disney Marathon has 20,000 runners.

A few bonus Marathoner traits from the ASICS bloggers, including the quote I sent in. You know you’re a Marathoner when…

“You swear you’re done with full marathons and you find yourself signing up for more a week later.” – Megan of
“Your day consists of running, sleep and pizza.” – Gregg of
“You get called ‘crazy’ and it no longer phases you.” – Brian of
“You hear the word ‘bling’ and you think of medals, not diamonds.” – Grace of
“You know that crossing that finish line is worth every minute of training, because there is simply nothing else in the world that compares to running 26.2.” – Megan of

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