The best meal of our lives, 58 Tour Eiffel, Paris

Monday, October 13, 2014
The very first thing we bought for the honeymoon was dinner inside the Eiffel Tower at 58 Tour Eiffel. The restaurant is located on the first floor lift, giving you an amazing view of Paris. Reservations happened to open the night of my bridal shower and I used some of the money given to our honeyfund account to pay for this dinner. When you book reservations for 58 Tour Eiffel, you pay in advance. We had semi-low expectations being the restaurant was located inside the Eiffel Tower and it is such a heavily tourist location. What neither of us expected was to leave wowed and still dreaming over our meals, 2 weeks later.
Upon walking to our reservations, the tower started glittering as we were standing below it. I actually screamed/squealed as it startled, then excited me. We got to the first floor lift and were taken to our table. We purchased the Menu Opera + menu, which includes a glass of champagne, starter, entree, dessert, 2 glasses of wine each and coffee. We were greeted with the glass of champagne and our server learned we were honeymooners. The champagne started to flow and we had a hand written greeting on our menu as a keepsake.  You will have to excuse my photos as the lighting was not great and i wasn't about to pull out my DSLR.
For my starter, I went with the Foie Gras - a pate with figs, chutney pepper and toasted brioche. It was delicious but I didn't finish it, knowing there were 2 more courses ahead.
Gabe ordered the Lobster Bisque, with chunks of lobster, ravioli and a whipped cream. He ranks it a 7 out of 10 on the Lobster Bisque scale.
For our main courses, we both struggled. There were 2 fish dishes, one poultry dish and one lamb dish. Neither of us were in the mood for any of the above. I opted for the Seared codfish, with celery roots and a summer truffle sauce. OMG. Never have I ever ever ever had fish like this. It was flakey, moist, reminded me of Chilean Sea Bass (without the scallop texture) and had the most delicate flavor. The truffle sauce took it to a whole new level. I am still dreaming of this dish today.
Gabe ordered the boneless leg of lamb with a cumin and chickpea relish. His dish was very very good, and wasn't gamey at all. I asked him one word to describe it "AMAZING". The puree was insane and the flavor is not describable.
For desserts, I had to go with their signature dish - which was described as Himalaya with red berries and vanilla cream sauce. I wasn't quite sure what this and only ordered it because it was their signature. I was very happy - a very large macaron shell topped with sugared berries and a delicious vanilla bean sauce. Simple yet elegant.
Gabe ordered a dessert called Floating Islands with pink praline chips. He ordered this dish on name alone. I am not even going to try to explain this dish as I will not get it right, but it was delicious. I helped him finish it!
I would encourage anyone going to Paris for the first time to dine at 58 Tour Eiffel. The experience was incredible and the food was delicious. Plus, you can say you ate inside the Eiffel Tower - how cool is that! You can also eat there for lunch with no reservations required.

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