Hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy

Friday, October 17, 2014
Warning - this is a very photo heavy post! One of the gifts we received for our honeymoon was to hike the gorgeous Cinque Terre. I have seen photos of Cinque Terre many times and couldn't wait to see the spectacular views in person. We got up bright and early on Monday morning to meet our tour guide at 7am.

Cinque Terre takes its name from the five picturesque fishing villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.
I couldn't tell you which town we went to first, although they each had their distinct character. However, they reminded me a great deal of one another.
The water was inexplicable blue. With the pastel buildings contrasting the waters, it was truly a jaw-dropping experience.
We stopped at a local restaurant for lunch - a plate of 5 different fish and homemade pesto. I am quite adventurous in my eating but the fish freaked me out a little.

After lunch, we set out on the big trail, 2.5 miles long and very high. I couldn't take pictures fast enough.

There were many beaches to lay out at or take a quick swim, which was encouraged in our tour. We didn't bring our bathing suits but did check out the water - it was warm!

We went into one of the villages and tried some gelato. I also took this opportunity to sit down. My legs were on fire from the last portion of the hike. It wasn't so much the hike that got to me - it was 5 consecutive days of walking, hiking, climbing, etc. Marathon training!!!!! With all the walking, climbing, etc., I was beyond grateful to have my ASICS Gel Nimbus 16's on.
We made our way into another town where I found a wine tasting! Of course I did...... 
I got to try 5 different wines from the 5 different towns. I have no idea what I drank, they all kinda tasted alike and it was the most money I spent on wine that entire trip on one sitting (15 Euros) but it was worth it!
We then took a boat ride where we got to see all of the towns from the water. That was spectacular.

The total walking route on this tour covers a distance of approximately 3.4 miles. We bought the tour from Viator.com and it was around $120 a person, which included transportation, a semi-guided hike and your lunch. I loved having this as our introduction to Cinque Terre. Next time, we will likely do the towns on our own, possibly staying a few nights. We loved the experience, however, wished that they didn't go to each town and spent more time in each location. We both also wish we wore something other than jeans for this hike!!!


  1. Eeeeee yay for honeymoon recaps!! This is gorgeous; I definitely cannot wait to visit Italy one day.

  2. STUNNING! And again, I am learning from your experiences....no jeans, bring a bathing suit, and consider exploring the towns on my own. Noted. But seriously, your experience looked just heavenly. I can't even get over these pictures. Amazing re-cap.


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