One couple, two goals - Running a Half and a Full Marathon

Monday, October 22, 2012
Yesterday was our first weekend run where we had to get super creative with our training route. Gabe is training for the Walt Disney World Marathon and I am maintaining to run two upcoming Half Marathons (Santa Hustle Half Marathon & Walt Disney World Half Marathon). When Gabe decided he wanted to do the Full vs. the Half, I never thought about how it would affect our training. I have no ambition to run 16 miles on a Sunday long run with him.

It's going to be interesting over the next 3 months. If  we have one weekend where Gabe is scheduled to run 20 miles and I am scheduled to run 10, how do we do that without making him run the same course twice? I don't want to lose my running partner but I also want him to get the most out of his training. What do we do? Yesterday, we did our normal 4 mile course in Tampa, Historic Ybor to Channelside and back. Then Gabe looped around and did 7 additional miles, going to Bayshore and back. I was very jealous as it was one of the most beautiful days yesterday and I truly wanted to run Bayshore. I have to give it to him for sticking to his training schedule. It is still surreal that my boyfriend, who just started running in the beginning of 2012 will be completing 26.2 miles in January.

Check out the course he will be running. I know running through all of the Disney parks, around Richard Petty Speedway and ESPN Wide World of Sports will be amazing but I am happy to be sitting pretty on my 13.1! Here is a virtual tour of the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon with Bart Yasso:

The Walt Disney World Full Marathon Course:
The Walt Disney World Half Marathon Course:
(13.1 miles never looked so short!)


  1. I'm running the full too!!! I am so nervous/excited!

    1. I believe those are the same emotions Gabe has!! Awesome that you are running it! I will be sitting in the cheerzone cheering you all on while sipping on a Mimosa, nursing myself from the previous day's half :)


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