Disney's Tower of Terror 10 miler Recap

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WE DID IT! 8 months ago, I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be writing this blog post, yet here I am. A little sore and a little sad but we will get into that in a bit. Saturday was Disney's inaugural Terror of Terror 10 miler run, which I ran with my boyfriend Gabe and best friend Keri.

We started off the day by attending the RunDisney Expo where the three of us collectively dropped a pretty penny. I started the week off with swollen knees which progressively got worse the closer I got to race day. I purchased a 110% Blitz Knee Sleeve, which I now swear by. My knee was the only thing that didn't hurt during and after the race.
 At the expo, we saw the beautiful Run Disney medal lineup!!
Including the medal Gabe will be receiving in January for the 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Medal
And the medal Keri, Tara and I will receive for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon
2013 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Medal
For our race day, I felt we did everything smart. Ate a normal breakfast (bagel and coffee), had nice protein filled lunch at Disney's Pollo Campero (grilled chicken, rice and black beans), a light dinner (peanut butter and banana sandwich), drank a gallon of water throughout the day. 3 hours prior to the race, we had a protein shake and our pre-race drink. I felt amazing, was excited and couldn't wait to start the race.

I love dressing up for Disney races and with a lot of convincing, whining, batting eyes and pouting, I talked Gabe into dressing up as Woodie, as I dressed up as Jessie. Keri dressed up in Halloween spirit as a Spider Witch.
Woodie & Jessie
Spider Witch & Jessie
We had to arrive at ESPN Wide World of Sports no later than 8:05 in order to get bussed to Hollywood Studios and into our Corals by 9:15. We were in Coral C which and we started running at 10:15. I will be honest with you, around 9:30, I started questioning what I got us into. It was SO HUMID. We trained in the Florida heat and humidity but this night was pretty awful with 80% humidity. It was beyond uncomfortable.

After seeing the course map and I knew the first 5 miles of the course would be pretty bare. We went from the parking lot of Hollywood Studios to the parking lot of Animal Kingdom, did a loop back around, went into ESPN Zone and finally into Hollywood Studios. This meant the first half of the race was on Osceola Parkway. I was really hoping for a lot of on course entertainment. I also have to mention, I spent the majority of the race weaving around walkers. It got frustrating at times. I am not by any means a fast runner and I do not have a problem with walk breaks as I like taking them myself. Yet I felt like I was running through a NASCAR caution. I really do wish that when people walk, they stay to the right, allowing the runners to come through.
My #proof
There were a few photo stations with characters but nothing like what I was expecting. Keri told me that the Princess Half Marathon had something at every mile or so. The stations that had characters had lines so long which we couldn't justify. We did find ourselves a pirate ship prior to going into ESPN Wide World of Sports which we took an opportunity for a photo. Notice - the Jessie hat is gone. I threw it away at the second water stop. Gabe's Woodie shirt didn't make it very far either.

You can see from the photos how drenched we are. I used to say I don't sweat, I glisten. Oh running, what have you done to me? We got to run through ESPN Wide World of Sports and around Championship Stadium. I am a born and raised Braves fan so that was extra special to me and I got a little teary eyed. This is the first time RunDisney has ran through Championship Stadium and it was my favorite part of the race.

Around mile 8, all three of us started cramping up bad. We were a bad sitcom. Usually, one of us can push the other to keep going on. We walked the majority of the last 2 miles (we kept to the right!). It honestly hurt more to walk then run. I still felt OK though. I couldn't wait to end the night at the Villains Bash.

We entered Hollywood Studios and I have never been so happy to see this sign. We also got passed by a 7 year old and her father. I high fived her and told her how amazing she was.
The only thought I had during those last two miles was how badly I wanted a banana. I don't even like bananas!!!!!! The Hollywood Studios portion of the race was really neat. I got to see areas I've never seen before; we ran behind the scenes. We also witnessed a runner proposing to his runner girlfriend, she said yes!

We crossed the finish line and received our our glorious glow in the dark medals which have an elevator that moves up and down, just like the Tower of Terror ride. Speaking of which, I couldn't wait to ride the TOT!
Gabe & Megan
Keri & Megan
Glow in the Dark Tower of Terror 10 Miler Medal
I got my banana and ate it in three bites. I literally took that thing down. BIG MISTAKE. We go to stretch and I feel 100% great. At that point, I wanted a glass of wine, a mich ultra...or both. I couldn't wait to dance w/ my BFF and Boyfriend at the Villains Bash. Then all of a sudden, I felt this sense of familiarity. It was the same feeling I had the morning I was supposed to dance with the Rockette's in NYC. I knew I was going to be sick. I couldn't drink water. I couldn't stand. Hell, I couldn't walk. I sat on a curb, trying not to cry. Keri had never been to Hollywood Studios before and wanted to ride the rides. Then it happened. I, Megan Wood, lover of all things Halloween, Disney and Roller Coasters, threw up on the Main Street of Hollywood Studios. Yep, I was that girl (along with a ton of other people). There were people getting sick everywhere. I ended my race night in a wheel chair!!

I will add, I woke up Sunday morning feeling perfectly fine other than being sore. I just overdid it. Between the pre-race anxiety and post race emotions, mix it with the time of night and what I put in my stomach, I am not surprised this happened to me. I learned not to eat so quickly after a race, that I need to slowly re-energize my body.

My Gator is happy with his two new medals though ;)
Gator Medal Holder
Now, here is what I would like to see changed for next years event:
  1. The bus system: Going to and from didn't have a long wait time but I personally didn't like having to get there so early to get bussed to the start. After getting sick, I just wanted to go home, not have to get on a bus with a bunch of people to get to our car. Oh and I got sick on the bus too. I may have felt differently about this if I wasn't so sick.
  2. More race entertainment and photo opp's on the road. I would have loved to have a photo opp with Dracula Mickey or Donald.
  3. Start the race earlier. The humidity was actually lower at 8pm than 10pm. We wouldn't have been as exhausted. I say this like Disney has the magical abilities to control the weather! ;)
  4. This did not personally affect me, but the bag claim area was WAY too far away from where we ended the race. 
  5. Dole Whips at the finish line :)


  1. AWESOME JOB GIRL! Cool run, medal and outfits...not cool about getting sick.

    xoxo from Trinidad

    1. Thank you so much Corey :) How is your training coming along for the Woman's Half Marathon?

  2. Congratulations on the finish!

  3. I am SO SO SO proud of you! Great blog! It makes me feel like I was there! I want to Run Disney!

    1. Thank you!!! Sign up for one of the upcoming 5K's :) I will run it w/ you.

  4. Congratulations! I had the same banana craving towards the end. Maybe it was our bodies wanting the potassium? I'm sorry you got sick at the end! You definitely weren't the only one. Stupid humidity. If only Disney could control the weather, right? haha

    1. Had to be the potassium :) Running is the only time my body wants a banana but this race, it was all I could think about. I wish Disney could control the weather - hey they are the most magical place on earth ;) I thought it was a great race, just wish there was more entertainment and photo opps.

  5. My husband and I did this last year. We are doing it again this fall because the experience was so HORRIBLE because of heat and humidity, I'm determined to be better trained. Thanks for confirming that it was tough. And not because we were older. We were so excited to ride the rides and all we could do was the slow pokey ones. A beer did help me though.


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