Not a happy dancer

Sunday, August 5, 2012
After spending two nearly perfect (but too hectic) days in NYC, I found myself going to bed Thursday night with anticipation of dancing with the Rockettes, attending the first 3 BlogHer sessions, going to Martha Stewart's lunch and meeting my Blogger icon Ree Drummond (a/k/a Pioneer Woman). This is when you hear the sound of tires screeching.

At 4am I woke up spinning, hot and dizzy out of my mind. I was lethargic and didn't know where I was. Next thing I know, I became instant huggy friends w/ the porcelain toilet god where I visioned myself dying. Crawled back into bed, and repeat the last step two more times before 6am. All I could do was cry because of everything I had coming at me that day. I hurt all over, I was burning up, freezing cold and SO tired that I could barely stand it. Yet I still managed to get out of bed to head down to Radio City Music Hall.....

We arrived!
Stood in line (well sat in line), got in the elevator and knew right then and there I needed to go back to the hotel. I will leave the visuals out of it but place a very sick girl in an elevator and let your imagination run wild. Yeah, I was that girl at Radio City Music Hall. Oh, need I add in the basement as well. Darlynn did get to dance with them, read all about her experience here.

Back at the hotel, I slept a few additional hours, skipped session one and made it to the Hilton NYC for Martha Stewart's keynote. I couldn't eat all day and needed to sit through the remaining two sessions. I was miserable and had to go home. I missed out on meeting Ree Drummond but my friend Katie met her! I didn't get to eat my steak dinner on Friday night. WAH.

So this is the blog of a very sad girl, who missed out on an amazing experience of dancing with the Rockette's at Radio City Music Hall. Instead, I got sick at Radio City Music Hall. This flu-bug stayed with me for nearly 72 hours.

I did get one touristy photo that is well worth sharing which I will share with you as I crawl off my soap box!
World Trade Center 2012

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