Fitness Week in Review, zombies and politicians

Sunday, August 26, 2012
I'm not going to bore you with my weeknight runs but here is the proof.

Now we are going to move on to Sunday. We live in Ybor City, one mile from Channelside, which is where the 2012 RNC is taking place. Oh and in case you haven't heard, there is a storm abrewing named Issac. I knew we had to get a minimum of 6 miles in this morning due to the winds and rain that will be upon our city soon. 

We started off strong. It probably had something to do with the wind pushing us. Mile one came in at 8:30, which is a PR for me. Mile 2, 9:15! We made our loop to Harbor Island and it was literally something out of a movie. Road barricades & National Guard with guns is what we were welcomed with. We saw more men walking dogs that ever before and I know they weren't Harbor Island residents. We did our loop around the island and the bridge going back into downtown was shut down. Guess what? The 20mph winds were no longer on our backside pushing. Joke is now on us! 
I am very happy we got our run in this morning. I got a few shots of the action in downtown. My favorite was the armed Coast Guard rescue boat in the harbor. When we were running over the Harbor Island bridge, I had a strange sensation that we were in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. Helicopters everywhere, no traffic on the streets, howling wind, crows flying all over making noise, armed forces at every corner. It was just odd. I was waiting on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) from The Walking Dead to show up on a horse. This is the city we run in 3 times a week and it felt like we were living another life. At our first walk break, Gabe said the exact same thing about The Walking Dead. I think we watch too much TV.
After several zombie references, we saw the strangest thing all day. A bus with a president zombie on it. Seriously I cannot make this stuff up: A Zombie For President. Dish has caused up quite a stir and one of the networks they cancelled is The Walking Deads home, AMC. We really did have a Zombie day! I got so excited to get a shot of the bus that I prematurely hit my camera button.
Has a storm or special event ever affected your training? 

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