Fitness Week in Review

Saturday, August 11, 2012
I have to start my fitness week in review off by stating I am a new member of the Fit Fluential Family! I am so honored and excited!
After recovering from a horrible stomach flu while in NYC, I laced my shoes up for my first run in 9 days. I was weaker than normal but surprisingly enough, I did much better than I anticipated. I have also officially broken up with the Jeff Galloway method. This method works but it isn't for me. We ran our normal weeknight run and it felt really good to lace those shoes back up after the 9 day break. (3.1 miles - 11:09 average)
On Thursday, we started a little later than normal to find ourselves running from a Armageddon looking cloud. So instead of running our typical 3.1 miles, we ran 2 through the streets. It started pouring the second we walked in the doors (2 miles - 9:28 average)
This morning my alarm clock went off at 5:45am. This is how I know we have dedicated ourselves to the world of running. This girl does not wake up at 5:45, especially to sweat. Yet today, I did and it was amazing. There is something serene about running before the sun comes up. I am writing this post at a time I would normally be sleeping in, ready to start my day with a little too much energy. We were going to do 7 miles this morning but Gabe had a 8am tee time and I have a date with a beach chair. (4.03 miles - 10:17 average)
My week in review. Not the mileage we needed for the week as the Twilight Zone Terror of Terror 10 mile race is only 47 days away but I nearly burned off two bottles of Chardonnay :)

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