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Friday, August 10, 2012
While living in Daytona Beach, we used to eat sushi once a week but since moving to Tampa, we don't eat it nearly enough. This week I tried the ever so popular Soho Sushi and was not let down and it is no wonder they were voted the best sushi of South Tampa 2012. I started off with a Lychee Martini. It was a good day drink. Would I order it again? Probably not.
Lychee Martini
Soho Sushi has a summer heat happy hour menu going on right now - $2 off their specialty summer rolls. We tried three rolls from this menu and they were all spectacular:
Sushi from the Summer Heat Menu
7 Deadly Sins
Tuna, clinatro, avocado, cumber and jalapeno topped with yellowtail and tomatillo sauce. Yes please. This roll was excellent. It had all my favorite friends in one bite! Cilantro, Tuna, Yellowtail and Tomatillo!
7 Deadly Sins
Ring of Fire
Marinated tuna, tempura shrimp, asparagus and cucumber topped with salmon, avocado, sweet & spicy sauce. This roll was as good to eat as it is to look at.
Ring of Fire
The Donut
Crab salad, cream cheese, avocado, wrapped in soy paper, panko friend and finished with a sweet glaze. This sushi roll would have made Homer Simpson proud. I know it sounds weird - just do yourself a favor and try it. This is coming from someone who steers clear of tempura based sushi.
The Donut 
Soho sushi is open for lunch and dinner which makes me a happy girl!

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  1. I am just recently new to the Sushi scene - I haven't ventured out of "cooked sushi" yet merely because the thought of eating uncooked fish scares me, however those all looked wonderful!

    For a more tame sushi lover, what kind would you recommend as a first raw experience?

    1. I love sushi newbies :) Start off easy - Tuna is the easiest way to get into raw rolls, especially if they have a crunch to it - it will trick your mind into thinking it is cooked. As the years go by, you will acquire the taste to only eat raw sushi. Now, I prefer sashimi to rolls - never thought that would happen!

  2. Soho sushi is my favorite sushi place in Tampa! I love their scallop appetizer. I normally share my food with others, but I won't share that appetizer.


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