The Monster Dash 5K Orlando Halloween Edition

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
You already know my love for running and wine but one thing you may not know about me is that I am obsessed with Halloween. My dream wedding would be done in an elegant Victorian Halloween style in a Haunted Hotel. I think about Halloween costumes all year long and we used to throw a huge Halloween party every year. I could bore you for hours with years of Halloween costumes, but my favorite was when I was Amy Winehouse and my brother was Lil Wayne. We stayed in character all night and it was very easy playing the drunk girl! Apparently, I have a thing for wigs:
When I heard about the Monster Dash 5K in Clermont, I knew we had to run it. It is taking place on October 27th, the weekend prior to Halloween. This is a survival run so there will be no timing or awards but glow in the dark medals and t-shirts will be given out at the finish line. There are different medals and shirts to indicate if you are part of the walking dead or finished as a survivor. Your chance of survive if you cross the line with a life (flag). The monsters, zombies, werewolves and various walking dead creatures will be doing their hardest to claim your lives.
This is not a mud run but there will be a ton of challenges and obstacles. I am not looking forward to blood balloon toss but as long as there are no zombie clowns, I will be just fine. Just check out the course map!
You can sign up as a team or an individual. Tickets are only $55 which is a great price for everything that is included (see below). You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

From the Monster Bash website:

Scary monsters of all types will chase you through out the 5K off road course trying to grab the flags that are on a belt around your waist. Day and night waves. are available. All night waves must wear a working headlamp before leaving starting line. This is a survival run, so there is no timing or awards... just the satisfaction that you get to live another day! There will be "life saving stations" where you can possibly get an extra life (flag). There will be professional body and face painters at the event, so come and get one of these artists to create you to be the monster you have always wanted to be! Great Music, Official Orlando Food Trucks, DJ, Monster after race party that will keep that heart pumping! Camping is allowed. No parking or spectator fees! Activities in the vending area for everyone that includes climbing nets, ropes, boxing ring and zip lines.

Participants that make it to the finish line with at least one flag, will get a special t shirt that tells everyone that they "Out ran the Monsters at The Monster Bash Dash", while those they have no flags at the finish will get a different shirt letting everyone know that they ended up being "Monster Mash at the Monster Bash Dash". Live music, Vendors, Great Food, Ice Cold Beer, Fantastic Venue, many creepy activities, the most unique t shirts for any race are just some of the things we will have for participants and spectators. The Monster Dash Orlando is a night race in Clermont, FL.


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