Wednesday Giveaway - Sweat Blocking Halo Headband

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
I was recently introduced to Halo Headbands by my best friend and guest blogger, Keri. Up until recently, I never had problems w/ sweat running into my eyes while running. I had LASIK done in February and I assume my contacts prevented the sweat from hitting my eye. Gabe on the other hand complained a lot about this issue. I didn't understand what he was going through until it happened to me. Holy eye stinging. It's worse than cutting onions (another thing that didn't bother me until post LASIK)!

When Keri mentioned she a headband that has Sweat Block Technology, a water-tight seal on the inside that channels sweat to the sides, out of your face, even if it becomes saturated, I became a little skeptical. We live in Florida. How is a headband going to prevent sweat from dripping down your face? 
It works. not only does it work, they are comfortable. I have so many headbands that I don't wear because they are too big, too tight and don't stay in place. After a 6 mile run, we had no sweaty eye issues and I didn't have a headache from my headband (there is no elastic!). I thought maybe I didn't sweat enough....until I took it off. HA. The band was saturated!

Gabe tried out the Halo I Tie version

And I tried the Halo II Pullover

What's even cooler? Halo does custom printing! This would make a perfect accessory for your next event.

Here is your chance to win a halo headband of your own, your choice of a Halo I or Halo II in any color! Check out Halo's selection of products on their website here. You can also follow them on facebook here.
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  1. I love halo headbands! I want a pink one. Hope I win!!!!

  2. Just getting back into running. Would love one of these!

    1. Christie, that is great you are getting back into running! Do you have any races coming up? My first 5K was at Disney and it is how I became a running nut! Currently training for my 1st half!

  3. Ooo! I sweat a lot and live in Florida. I need this! I do try to match my headbands to my running outfit, but I find I do wear a black headband most of the time.

    1. I try to match mine to my outfits too. Now that I have this one, it is the only one I wear. I'm just going to have to order it in multiple colors!


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