Clearwater Uncorked 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
What is the best way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than at the Clearwater Beach Uncorked Food and Wine Festival. My best friend came into town and we ventured over the bridge for a day filled of food and wine. 
We met up with my friend Lauren (Tampa Uncorked) and partied in style under a big white tent with amazing views.
Clearwater Uncorked featured small plates from various restaurants around the bay area. My favorite small plate of the day was from Shor, a restaurant I have yet to try out. They featured Local Stone Crab Ravioli. I was also introduced to Ciao Bella Greek yogurt and will be checking out Publix to see if they have Key Lime Graham Gelato. YUM.
We got to stomp grapes and make tee-shirts. I always dreamed of stomping grapes Lucy style. Glad I got that off my bucket list. As you can see from my expression, I was a little grossed out. Keri was a trouper though!
Another treat was from Shepharad's who featured lobster enchiladas. I could have taken down 5 of them. A surprising twist was from Sandpearl who tricked us with their poached pear "sushi". Although looks are deceiving, those rolls did not have seafood in them.
Everywhere we looked, we saw wine. It was a little crowded to get photos towards the end of the day. Wrath was our favorite wine of the evening, especially since they came with two different kinds of Chardonnay, one with heavy oak and a crispier version. That made us very happy.
All in all, it was a beautiful nice event. We truly enjoyed ourselves, especially towards the end when the people watching came into full affect. Looking forward to next year!

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