The Lime Modern Mexican Restaurant in South Tampa

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Things you may not know about me:
  1. I have a weakness for Mexican restaurants
  2. I cook healthy Mexican cuisine at least home once a week
  3. I love margarita's (ok, so you probably knew that about me)
I had an opportunity to check out The Lime in South Tampa with my good friend and partner in crime Lauren. We started off the evening by letting Lime's super fun manager Jordan select our menu. He did not disappoint.
One thing I insisted on was the table side guacamole. I can tell you hands down, it was the best guac I have ever  had. That say's a lot since I make guacamole at home and always claimed to have the best. Lime, you took my guac crown from me.
Table Side Guacamole
 #Proof it is made table side: When Guacamole master Ryan asked how we liked it, our response was spicy and salty. We got the Ryan Special and it was perfect. Amazing flavors all around.
While Ryan was making our amazing guacamole, we started off with two drinks. We are at Lime, so I had to partake in the classic margarita, which was perfect:
Classic Margarita
Lauren ordered the classic mojito which was also excellent! Neither drink lasted very long.
Classic Mojito
Jordan brought out the Super Tuna Bomb: seared lemon pepper crusted tuna with jicama and mango salsa, avocado, plantain chips and srirachi aioli. Talk about all of my friends being on one plate!!! That aioli was to die for. This dish lasted 30 seconds before it was consumed.
Super Tuna Bomb
We also tried Buffalo Chicken Empanadas with Tempura Celery. This was not on the  menu but I believe it should be - and fast. It was the perfect combination of spicy and cool flavors. This was my first encounter with tempura celery. Oddly good.
Buffalo Chicken Empanadas
Time for our main courses. The one item that Lauren was looking forward to was the Sesame Crusted Tuna Bowl. Rare tuna, pickled onion, diced mango, diced cucumber, avocado and cilantro over brown rice YES PLEASE! It was delicious. The Ciccio's restaurant family are known for their bowls and I see why.
Sesame Crusted Tuna Bowl
We received a second bowl, Pollo Gigante. Avocado glazed chicken with pickled jalapenos and blue cheese, served over jasmine rice. This was another great bowl and would be a good dish for someone who doesn't eat raw fish. The flavors worked really well together. Lauren had those jalapenos all to her self.
Pollo Gigante Bowl
We needed a refill on our drinks. Lauren ordered a glass of Chardonnay and I have to state, I am very impressed with their wine list. I saw my BFF Cakebread on there! Our server suggested the Cucumber Martini and you know how much I love cucumber drinks, so I was right on top of that suggestion. I love the martini glasses as well. Stemless baby
Cucumber Martini
Since it was Taco Tuesday at Lime, we had to partake in the Street Taco Trio. Taco Tuesday at Lime offers $2 street tacos, with a large variety to choose from. We tried the soft Carne Asada, Ancho Chicken and a special bib taco with steak and shrimp. Very good and at $2, you cannot beat this price.
The Street Trio
It's time for dessert. I was already starting to see a little cross eyed at this time but we had to push forward. Lauren had Churro's with bananas foster sauce and vanilla ice cream. Loved them.
Churros with Bananas Foster Sauce
You had me at Flan. It's a weakness of mine and I was pretty giddy when it was presented to me. You can see why. Perfect texture, perfect flavor. If only I wasn't so full!

Now that I've made you are hungry, put your creative thinking hat on and help Lime rename their restaurant for a chance at a $1,000 Ciccio's gift card. Click here for more information. See you soon Lime!

I'm ending this post with a shameless birthday photo, taken after far too many margarita's (not taken at Lime). Speaking of Birthday's and Lime, if it is your birthday, you receive a free shot. Much cooler than the obnoxious sombrero photo below. Off to run Five miles after last nights meal!

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  1. Me gusta mucho tu sombrero! Love that tuna bomb...

    1. It's a fun look right? That tuna bomb was the bomb!

  2. Omg...that Super Tuna Agreed with "all my best friends on one plate." The Buffalo empanadas....well, anything buffalo is a best friend of mine. Must get there for taco it ALL of their tacos? If so, that's a serious steal. This review gave me badddd craving for Mexican fusion. Thanks a a lot ;)

    1. We need to make a dinner date here on a Tuesday!

  3. Dang...this sounds delicious! I have never really been to the Lime before...but the guacamole has me drooling at the mere thought of it! I'll have to put it on my to-do list to get there!


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