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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Delicious Sushi - Check. Artisan Cocktails - Check. Amazing wine list - Check. Happy Hour? - Check. Lobster Rolls?? Triple Check! Blog post in time to write about their upcoming 2 year anniversary happening on November 15th - Check!!!

I ventured into my friend Lauren's (Tampa Uncorked) side of town this evening. This is my third visit to Westchase/Citrus Park and it did not disappoint. Lauren introduced me to Grille 54, a restaurant that features dishes for every palate. I found myself instantly wishing that we had a Grille 54 while I lived in Daytona and had weekly Wednesday ladies is why:

Off track - this post is not about ladies night. I was easily distracted by $5 Grey Goose martini's. Instead, this post is about Grille 54's new concept - a nightly happy hour, 5 for $6 til 7 menu. 5 sushi rolls, 5 kitchen items and 5 adult cocktails for $6.

We started off with two cocktails, I ordered the apple martini. I am very particular about my martini's and this one was perfect. It was not overly sweet with the perfect hint of sour. Just like you were biting into a granny smith.
Apple Martini
Lauren ordered the classic mojito with vodka instead of rum. She does not like overly sweet drinks and this one was made with agave instead of sugar. She loved it!
Classic Mojito
$6 specialty sushi rolls? We're in. With the suggestion of our server, we got the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roll, Spicy chopped shrimp and krabstick, cream cheese, and cucumber roll topped with tuna, tempura chips and eel sauce. This was an excellent Sushi Roll. I have had rolls which I paid $12 for which were no where near as good as this. The tuna, eel sauce and crunch of the tempura was perfect.
Buccaneers Roll
Along with the Spicy Tuna Deluxe Roll, Spicy tuna, cream cheese, krabstick, and asparagus. It was fresh and delicious.
Spicy Deluxe Tuna Roll
We enjoyed a $6 glass of Bogle Petite Sirah, one of my favorite red's
Time for some red meat - we were advised to order the Kobe Beef Sliders which was a very good decision. The Kobe was perfect, amazing flavors. It was topped with Blue Cheese and bacon. Loved it.
Kobe Beef Sliders
Along with the Kobe Sliders was a plate of Beef Carpaccio. For $6, really!
Beef Carpaccio
Time to test out Lauren's favorite martini on the menu, which was something that caught my eye all evening. Most of those who know me would think I was leaning towards the Red Velvet or Smores Martini. Not this time - I was all about the Lemongrass Martini. Ketel One® Vodka, lemongrass extract, basil, hand-squeezed lemons and a splash of club soda. This was hands down the best lemon martini I have ever had.
Lemongrass Martini
To end the evening, we opted for a non dessert item. Remember above, I stated triple lobster rolls? This was my dessert.
Lobster Rolls
As mentioned above, Grille 54 is celebrating their two year anniversary on Thursday November 15th with different specials every hour starting at 4pm and everyone is invited! Make sure you check out Grille 54's new menu, to keep up with all of their nightly specials. See you at the Grille!

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  1. Replies
    1. I love this place. I cannot wait to check out their brunch!

  2. Um, I love that we got lobster rolls for dessert. How New England of us!

    1. Yes, only we would do Mom got a big laugh out of it.

  3. I would love to try this place! I am a sushi fan, so tasty + cheap = happy girl. I love a good martini!

    1. You should try it out Beka!! The $6 sushi was so good. Plus $5 goose martini's on Wednesdays, talk about a cheap girls night out. I've heard they have a very good brunch too.

  4. Ok, seriously: lemongrass martini? WANT


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