Stone Crab and Snoballs in St. Pete Beach

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Over this past weekend, I was having a craving for Stone Crab. Stone Crab season is my favorite of all the food seasons in Florida. It kicked off on October 15th and will last through May 15th. This was my first outing for Stone Crab since last May and I didn't want to spend a crazy amount per pound. I did some online research and came across Billy's Seafood Stone Crab and Steaks. Usually if the restaurant's name includes the dish you are looking for, it's bound to be good. Despite some oddly negative online reviewers, we ventured over to St. Pete Beach to give this restaurant a chance. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and the price.

Billy's looks like a group of beach houses converted into a restaurant. It's on the water with breath taking views and you can dock your boat up. What blew my socks off were the prices of not only stone crab,the mediums are only $17.99 a lb. Other sizes available at market price, large, jumbo and colossal. large, jumbo and colossal.The large were $24.99 and the colossal were in the low $30's a lb. Best pricing I have ever seen for Stone Crab at a restaurant. I have paid more than that a lb at Whole Foods.
Then I saw my little friend on the menu. Whole Maine lobster, market price. My family in Maine taunted me over the summer, letting me know that Maine Lobster was cheaper than Bologna. We didn't make it to Maine this summer and this mad me very sad. I inquired about the market price, expecting to hear your average Maine Lobster price but surprise to me - $9.99 a lb. HUH? I got a whole steamed 1 1/4 lb Maine lobster for $12.99.
If this wasn't enough, Oysters were $0.50 each. We ordered two dozen amazing oysters for $12. Seriously? We tore through these so fast. They were delicious.
Our bill arrived and we were expecting something much higher than $50, which included two adult beverages.
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The problem with only eating shell fish for lunch is that you will find yourself hungry minutes later. We took a trip over to Treasure Island and stopped by Beach Snoballs. We were first introduced to Snoballs this April while in New Orleans. I am thrilled to state that these Snoballs are as authentic as you will find outside of the big easy. I have been wanting to give this place a try ever since seeing a friend of mine check in there. For all my pumpkin lovers, they have pumpkin snoballs. For those who need a pick me up, red bull snoballs. With over 60 flavors, including signature, creamy, spiked and sugar free, you are bound to find something that you will enjoy.

Gabe ordered the Blue Marlin Snoball with gummy bears. His was a medium - way too big after lunch.
I ordered the small Spiked Sangria Snoball with a sour worm. It was amazing. The Sangria was authentic and interestingly enough, it was spiked with tequila, not wine. I didn't mind one bit.
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  1. Everything looks yummy! Those sno-balls look ridiculous yet refreshing haha

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. They were ridiculously refreshing ;) You should check this place out!

  2. MUST go to Billy's ASAP!!! Awesome photos in this review Megan :)


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