2013 Walt Disney Marathon Meetup

Friday, January 11, 2013
I have been giddy with excitement ever since I received an email from runDisney last week informing me that I was one of the few selected to be part of the Walt Disney World Marathon Meet-Up. When my alarm clock went off at 4:30am, I wasn't so thrilled, but knew in a few hours, I would be a very happy girl.

Once I arrived at Hollywood studios and picked up my runDisney 20 years of running t-shirt, I met up with my friend Rachel (RunnersTales) and finally had the chance of  meeting Marcia (Travel Run Eat) in real life. We got to meet Mickey, Donald and Goofy as the sun was starting to rise.
Dancing w/ Mickey
me and Donald
We were split into two groups - one that could maintain a 9 minute mile, the group to do a run walk run with Jeff Galloway. I selected the run walk run group, a) because I wanted the chance to run w/ Jeff. b) I didn't want to push myself the day before the half marathon.
Bart Yasso, Jeff Galloway and Tara  Guidis
We passed a few Characters in our 2.5 mile morning run. This is officially my first photo with Buzz and Woodie!
After running the streets of Hollywood Studios, we made our final turn and ended at Lights Camera Action's stage. Don't you love the runDisney sign!
We were treated to breakfast by a Disney food truck! They offered bagels with egg, cheese and bacon (optional).
Then it was time for the meetup. First out was New Balance, the Official sneaker of runDisney, to tell us about proper fitting of shoes and of course to show off the fabulous limited edition runDisney New Balance sneakers. Which by the way, sold out yesterday (day one of the expo). They had a few pairs shipped over from California to appease a few lucky runners. I made the joke that even New Balance didn't know the magical powers of runDisney. First, I wanted these shoes, now I really really want these shoes. I guess you want what you can't have. 
Photo rights runDisney
Next up was Joey Fatone. I am going to show my age here. I was a year out of High School when NSYNC's hit I want you Back was released in 1998. It was great to meet him in person and he is a really funny guy. Joey is running the Goofy Challenge this weekend. More power to you brother!
Marcia (Travel Run Eat) went to High School with Joey. She was a Senior when he was a Freshman. She brought her yearbook and asked him to sign, which he did. To Marcia, Sorry I was a little freshman and I didn't get to talk to you much. But will you be my girlfriend, check box, yes, no, maybe. Seriously how awesome is this! 
Then came time for the Elite Runners to come out and answer questions. Joining us was Jeff Galloway, First-ever women's Olympic marathon champion and gold medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson, New York and Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers, Runner’s World columnist Bart Yasso, athlete/television host Dick Beardsley and Olympic Marathoner Desiree Davila. It was an incredible opportunity to be this close to such amazing athletes and it was inspiring. We found out a few fun facts about the ever so comical Bart, he has ran the Naked marathon and dressed up as a penguin in a wine marathon.

Jeff Galloway
Joan Benoit Samuelson
Bart Yasso
Desiree Davila
Next up was Drew Carey. Now if you told me Drew Carey would be at our meetup, I would have never believed you. I don't watch much day time TV and haven't seen Price is Right since Bob Barker was on it, so the Drew I remembered was 100lbs heavier. I was gobstruck when I saw him. We were told that Drew ran a race with a broken clavicle!? Drew started running to change his life and lifestyle. He plans to be a runner for the rest of his life. Virtual high 5 to you Mr. Carey.
It's time for some more Disney Character photo ops!
Pluto (he has a medal....is there a Pluto race in the near future?!)
Minnie - my style inspiration for tomorrow
I also got to chat with Disney's nutritionist, Tara Gidus, who I met last summer while at BlogHer. Rachel and I convinced her into purchasing a Sparkle Skirt!

Finally, the moment you all have been waiting for: the swag. Along with the runDisney 20th anniversary shirt we are wearing, we got hooked up with an iFitness Belt, which made me a very  happy girl as I planned on grabbing one this weekend at the Expo. H20+ travel sized Oasis Mist and Softening Foot Mint Rub, two things we will be in dire need of this weekend. A pair of New Balance Sure Laces. A Mojo trail mix bar. And last, but certainly not least, a one day single park ticket to Disney! My two favorite people of the day, Rachel (RunnersTales) and Marcia (Travel Run Eat), gave me their tickets because like myself, they are pass holders. Their two passes will allow my two friends running the half with me and my Mother into the park tomorrow following the race. I owe these girls big time!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I am totally jealous :) Good luck in the 1/2 tomorrow. I'm sure it will go much better than the Santa Hustle!

  2. This looks like a blast! What an awesome experience. Good luck in your half marathon tomorrow!

    Also, I have wanted to get a Team Sparkle skirt for a while. Do you like them? I keep hesitating thinking they would be itchy when running.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a blast. I love the sparkle skirt. They aren't itchy at all. I wear Nike compression shorts under them.

  3. Congrats! What an awesome opportunity! You inspire me!

  4. Wow...i was green with envy before, but now im super jealous! Just kidding... so happy for you girl! Good luck tomorrow and enjoy!

    Xoxo from Trinidad

    1. Thanks girl! It was a blast. So was the half. Xoxo!


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