Grille 54 unveils new Sushi Menu

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
I am a huge fan of Grille 54 on Sheldon Road. They have a vast menu which would please any diners palate. Normally restaurants who offer multiple cuisines lacks in one category or another. Not the case at Grille 54. Anyone who can nail a Kobe beef burger, sushi, Italian food and specialty martinis, I'm in.

Last night, Grille 54 introduced a new Sushi line up and I couldn't be more impressed. They kept the local favorites and did a little tweaking and revamping, only to end up with one of the best Sushi menus I have ever seen.

My friend Lauren (Tampa Uncorked) and I excitedly sat down with a glass of wine, catching up on each others lives while waiting to see the new sushi offerings. Grille 54 has an amazing Happy Hour which I wrote about after my first visit at this restaurant. Since we were dining on nothing but sushi, we went with a glass of Ca Bolini Pinot Grigio for $6 a glass.
Sushi Ceviche
Out first came the Sushi Ceviche. Tuna, salmon, white fish, yellowtail and avocado tossed in a cilantro lime marinade. Served with a side of wonton chips. I first exclaimed that all of my friends were on one plate. Seriously, they were. After the first bite, I found myself a little speechless....WOW. The marinade had a Thai sweet chili hint to it which paired perfect with the wonton chips. This was absolutely one of the best ceviche's I have ever had.
Assorted Sushi
Out next came a sushi bridge with three brand new rolls, Fish Outta Water, Deadliest Catch and Mt. Fuji. I adore Grille 54's sushi presentation.

The back roll is Fish Outta Water Lobster claw meat, snow crab, avocado, asparagus, scallion, & jalapeño. Topped with seared beef tenderloin and tuna, jalapeño smelt roe, wasabi aioli, & siricha. This roll is insanity. It was my favorite of the three and I could eat it everyday. It sounds like a lot going on with the different players but they really complimented each other well. I suggest this on your next visit.

Bottom Left is Deadliest Catch Cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, tempura onion, & chop shrimp & krab stick. Topped with snow crab, tempura chips, wasabi aioli, & siricha. This was a very good roll. You could taste the tempura onion but it wasn't too overwhelming. I liked the fact that the chopped shrimp wasn't tempura, it would have been too much with the tempura onion.

Bottom right is Mt. Fuji Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, & asparagus roll topped with chopped shrimp & krab stick served with a cool nappa cabbage, tomato, red onion, & tuna tossed in Cajun aioli. This roll was so different and amazing. The topping of tomato, red onion and tuna was like a sushi salsa. It had the perfect hint of heat without being too much.
Straw Nana
For dessert, we also got sushi! Straw Nana Tempura plantains & creme cheese wrapped with soy paper. Topped with fresh sliced strawberries & coconut lime sauce. This was so good but I found myself out of habit on multiple times trying to dip it into soy sauce. I came up with a suggestion of serving it along with a soy dish filled with chocolate dipping sauce. We will see if they take my suggestion to heart! I loved the coconut lime sauce with the strawberries. It was very fresh and satisfying.

Lauren and I couldn't end the night without a pair of Grille 54s famous craft martini's. I went with the Smor-tini: Three Olives® Smores Vodka, Smirnoff® Fluff Vodka, Godiva® Dark Chocolate, Half n Half, Graham Cracker Rim. This was such an awesome dessert martini. I could have done some serious damage with these earlier in the night!
Lauren went with the Espresso Martini: Smirnoff® Vanilla Vodka, a shot of freshly brewed espresso shaken with Kahlúa® Liqueur and dark crème de cacao. I had a sip of hers and it was delicious. Our Amazing server / bartender Amber suggested a splash of Baileys to this concoction and it was perfect!
Espresso Martini
So if you are looking for a nice night out with friends to get sushi and cocktails, you now know where to go. Perfect atmosphere, amazing food and dangerous drinks. What else could you ask for? Check out Grille 54's facebook to keep up with there ever changing menu and events.

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  1. Dessert martinis could easily become my new "thing."

  2. The s'more martini and the dessert sushi sound awesomeeee!

  3. Hey..I'm the Assistant Sushi Chef Steven Sikhampheng,and I appreciate your enjoyment of our new sushi. Executive Sushi Chef Mark Varty and I really put a lot of hard work into this new menu. I'm the personal creator of the Straw Nana,and I actually took your advice. I added a side of chocolate on the side in a soy dish. I have actually gotten a greater response because of the suggestion. Hope to welcome your next visit with a Straw Nana with a side of sauce , as a chef thank you gift.


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