Rock n Roll Mini Marathon St. Pete 5K Discount Code

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Discount Code for Rock n Roll Savannah - WINESAV

In December, I announced that the Rock n Roll Marathon series was bringing a mini-marathon to St. Petersburg. I was thrilled to hear this as I have a ton of friends who are starting to run and now they can experience this weekend with me. In 3.1 miles, you will get to experience what the Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Pete is all about. The mini-marathoners will set the pace for the half marathon and will get to experience the excitement of live bands and cheer teams on the course.
My friends at the Rock n Roll series gave me a discount code for this race, ROCKMINI will save you $5 at checkout and you will get a medal for completing! Click here to register today.

If the Half Marathon is your thing, Click here to register for the Rock n Roll St. Pete Half Marathon and save $10 off using coupon code ROCKSTP2!

We are only 3 weeks away from this exciting race! Are you ready to rock it? I know it's time for me to get my little butt back on the pavement since I took a week off running after the Disney half.

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