Walt Disney World Half Marathon Recap

Monday, January 21, 2013
Hello!! I am back on land with sea legs following an amazing cruise. After losing all sense of time and reality, I find myself looking back on last weekends Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend like it was 1 month ago opposed to 1 week ago.
I ran the Disney World Half with my best friend Keri and good friend Tara. We started in Corral C, dressed up as Team Minnie Musketeers. This was the first time I have not been nervous before a race.
At 5:20am, we were pushed through our corral, which was the largest of the 8. After herding through thousands of runners and walkers, we finally got on a decent enough pace.
In between mile 4 and 5, we entered the Magic Kingdom. It was still dark outside and I saw Cinderella's castle from afar, still lit up. It was glorious! I got quite a laugh from around me as I screamed with excitement, HURRY UP, WE'RE GONNA MISS IT! Keri said, what is the castle going somewhere? I meant the lights.....Once inside Mainstreet USA, we rushed to get a photo with Women Unite!

The Castle was by far my favorite moment of the entire run. I believe this was the second or third time I found myself choked up with tears. What is it about Disney that can make a grown person break down.
We stopped for many photo opp's. After we lost 15 minutes or so on our time while taking photos of the castle, we realized that we should take advantage of photo's with characters so we will always have something to remind us of these great memories.

We hit Epcot at mile 11-12. I was pretty happy to see the ball in the horizon. While I felt way better at this race than I did at any other, I was still ready for it to be over with so I could drink celebratory mimosa's with the girls.
Finally lucky 13. We crossed the finish line at 3:20 minutes. I would easily say that more than 45 of those minutes were used taking photos and we knew going in that the photo's were more important than crossing the finish line with a PR.
We met up with our family and received the Donald Medal, then headed to Epcot where we drank through the worlds. More on that later this week.
The following day, I found myself up at 3am once again to send my boyfriend Gabe off to run the 20th anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon. This was Gabe's first full and he had a blast although he has mentioned a few times that he doesn't want to see Epcot for a very long time. Now he is talking about doing Goofy next year. AUGH.
This was one of my happier moments in life, seeing him cross the finish line at 5:40:17.
Until next time runDisney! It was an absolute blast. Thank you for the magical memories!


  1. I'm running the Princess next month for the first time and really excited! Just ordered my Sparkleskirts! :)

    1. You will have the greatest time at Princess! I love my sparkleskirt, they are the best. I would have been there running it too but we will be in NOLA at the Rock n Roll half! Enjoy the beautiful medal :)

  2. That looks/sounds like so much fun! I used to listen to a podcast (Running to Disney? something like that?).

    The only half I've run was the Philly Distance Run and while it was fun, probably not as fun as Disney!

    I miss running! Will get back on the trails soon.

    1. Debby, you have to make it to a Disney race, they are unlike any other! I think the podcast is Running at Disney?


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