Girls Cruise Day 3 - Nassau

Thursday, January 24, 2013
After another uneventful night following our day at Freeport, Keri and I decided to go to bed early and be ready for our Snorkeling day in Nassau for our third day out. Although I have been to Nassau more times than I can count on my hands, I have never been snorkeling there. We tried last year, only to arrive on the Island during an awful storm, which led to an entire day of day-drinking. Oops.

This time around, I was not too thrilled to get into the water, it was very wavy and cold. We already paid for the excursion so I forced myself into the water. We were joking that we could have saved our ice bath for this day. It was so beautiful with fishies everywhere you looked. I have never seen anything like this and I live in Florida. Keri and I found ourselves saying "Hi Fishy!!!" over and over.
We house hunted a little on the way back. I will take this one please, boats included.
Once off the boat, we ventured over to Senor Frogs, as is our tradition. This is the first time I have ever liked a chair shot at this location although I cannot figure out why my dress is over my knees.
We found ourselves a crazy bartender:
Who made us a very lethal drink, it was a long island with cranberry juice, aka a Long Beach, aka a Frog Buster.
We decided to feast on some table-side guacamole. It's pricey at $12 but worth every penny. He used two whole avocados and it was the best guac either of us have ever had.
Then, felling really good thanks to the long beach, we got some additional Senor Frog shots, just because.
Our too short visit to Nassau was over, although it is never too late for one more Kalik Gold.
Here is my tip if you are in the Nassau port during dinner time: Even if it is the night of your Captains dinner, go over to Paradise Island (Atlantis) and dine at Nobu. Seriously the best sushi you will ever have in your life, thank me later. That has been our tradition over the years but we could not go this time around due to the fact we left the dock at 3:00.

For dinner that night, we had jerk pork loin, which was a little spicy for my tastes but had a delicious Indian influence to it.
Keri got the Roasted Red Fish.
For dessert, we had Tiramisu which was pretty good. One thing Carnival had going for them this cruise was amazing desserts.
This night, we went to the midnight Mexican buffet, danced like we thought we were rock stars and did a little gambling. I didn't want to do too much since we still had a few additional nights left on the ship. All in all, day three was a pretty fun day.


  1. +1 about the DINING ROOM Desserts... the buffet ones are always really weird and freeze dried.

    I've been to Nassau 2x now. We went to the Pirate Museum, which was kinda cool and over to Atlantis/Cabbage beach (both times), but we didn't eat there.

    1. Next time your there, and if you are there during dinner time, call for reservations at Nobu. I am telling you - to die for. This is my first trip to the Island without visiting Paradise Island.

  2. We will be in the Bahamas via cruise for the first time next month. So excited to read this!


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