Runners World Facebook Page made my day

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Seeing this thumbnail on Runners World's Facebook page showcasing our medal collection truly made my day:
My best friend Keri's medal collection was also was featured. She has a coordinating wine glass for each of the medals in her collection. That's true Run for Wine dedication!

I may have to re-post my Gator photo next month when we receive these:

Running Both the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in St. Petersburg and the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans will give us the below Rock Encore Medal! That's 6 additional medals to add to our collection within the next four weeks! I guess it's time to invest in a medal hanger.


  1. That's awesome! As much as I love the idea of earning a medal... (I only have one and it was for a 5k, actually) I recently saw a post by someone that she got a necklace instead of a medal. It was a very nice dainty one and I thought how wonderful it would be to wear that around all the time! (Can't do that with a medal... well, you could, but that would be a little silly.) So I'm hoping that this will become a trend over the next few years...

    I love the way she displays her medals though!

  2. That's awesome! Your medal collection is adorable!
    xoxo from Triidad


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