Joel Stein's Book Tour and Tampa Food Truck Competition

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Last Wednesday night was unexpected times 1,000. Times columnist Joel Stein is currently on tour promoting his book, Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity. He decided to make a stop in Hyde Park, Tampa for a Food Truck and Wine Tasting benefiting Meals on Wheels while telling us a little about his book.
This event was incredible, unlike any other I have been to. There were four food trucks in attendance competing in a food truck challenge, Wicked Wiches, Two Asians and a Grill, Tasty Stacy and Maggie on the Move. Each truck was cook a dish using wine provided by Stark Raving, which was also the wine paired with each dish. Sounds awesome right? How much? Completely free. Each attendee received 2 tokens which would give them two full plates from the four food trucks. All they asked was for a donation benefiting Meals on Wheels.

Oh and Little old me was asked to be a judge for the event, along with two other Tampa Food Bloggers, Leslie (Dash of Les) and Blaire (Dreaming Ingredients)!
As we were getting ready to go on stage to drink and eat our lives away, I see my phone ringing and it is one of my best friends from home, Darlynn (Little Blog Dress). I almost sent her to voicemail but I felt the need to brag that I was about to go on stage with Joel Stein. I didn't get the words out of my mouth as I hear "I AM ENGAGED!!!". So of course I promptly start crying like a baboon. Dar and her and her fiance have been dating for nearly 8 years and I have waited a long time to hear those words come out of her mouth.

Time to dry my tears of happiness and go on stage with Joel Stein. As happy as I was to be here at this moment, I really wish I had a jet to take me to Daytona so I could celebrate with my friends.
Check out all of this food! Full size portions at that!
Thank god I wore a loose shirt. We started at the far end of the table and went down course by course.

Course 1 was by Maggie on the Move. Stark Raving Lamb-Marinated Lamb kabobs over grilled asparagus and toasted almond couscous, village salad and baklava. It was amazing and I love this new food truck.
Course 2 was by Tasty Stacy. I am familiar with Stacy as she has parked at my office a few times over the past year. Her food was always delicious and I couldn't wait to see what she had for us:  Homemade manicotti with Stacy's tomato sauce made with Stark Raving Cab, a tarralle made with Stark Raving Red, and a showstopping caprese stack with a balsamic and a Stark Raving Malbec glaze.
Tasty Stacy on Urbanspoon
As if that wasn't enough, Tasty Stacy also presented us with a jaw dropping intense cookie. If you ever see Tasty Stacy's food truck, stop whatever you are doing and get yourself one of these cookies. 
Course 3 was from Two Asians and a Grill who made us a traditional Korean beef dish called Bul-gogi, with a CAB wine paring twist. This was a very nice dish with great flavor. I was very impressed with this food truck. I look forward to trying more of their dishes!
Two Asians and a Grill on Urbanspoon
Finally Course 4 by Wicked Wiches who happened to be the very first food truck I ever ate from in my life. They were at my office twice a week for a long duration of time. I became very familiar with their food and was always impressed with their creative take on food. Of course they came with their guns: Stark Raving 'Red' Mango Pulled Pork, A Cuban Philly Cheese (OMG), a Stark Raving 'White' Lobster Poutine (Double OMG), and a Blackberry 'Malbec' Hibiscus Gourmet Popsicle.
Wicked 'Wiches Truck on Urbanspoon

And the winner goes to....drum roll please.....

Wicked Wiches!! $2,000 was donated to Meals on Wheels and overall this was an amazing night (I know I already said that). I left very full and a little tipsy with a giant smile on my face. Good times!


  1. How fun!! I have yet to try any of the Food Trucks in Tampa! There is a Filipino one called Pao! that I'm definitely wanting to try since I LOVE Filipino food, but haven't found anywhere in greater TB area to get it :(

  2. Yay!!! I loved that night!!! Great post lady!


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