The 5th Day of Christmas - Sparkle Skirts

Monday, December 10, 2012
OH Sparkle Skirts, how I love you so. If you have any female runner in your life who likes to stand out in the crowd, Sparkle Skirts are the way to go. I recently wore the Sparkle Light series skirt for a half marathon, pulled over my compression shorts. Even at 13.1 miles, you will not know you it is there. Sparkle Skirts are very comfortable with a wicking waistband that does not fall down. A hidden pocket inside is the perfect size to hold a few Gu packets. They come in a variety of different colors and you can get a headband or arm sleeve to match your skirt. Not only are these skirts perfect for runners, they would be great for a charity walk, or other team events.

I recently found out that Sparkle Skirts was located in Lakeland, FL during an emergency outfit switch up. Keri decided last minute that she wanted us to be reindeer's for the Santa Hustle. I panicked and called Sparkle Skirts to see about rushed shipping, only to find out that they are located 30 miles from me. They even offered to meet me for a drop off. How sweet is that! I ordered our skirts on a Tuesday and they arrived the following day by mail. The owners are very nice and accommodating and it is great knowing the product is made in the USA.

Check out our Sparkle Skirt in Royalty Red which Keri and I sported at the Santa Hustle Half Marathon this past weekend in Daytona.
Check out Sparkle Skirts website for their complete line up. I can personally attest that this is the best skirt I have ever run in. Back in May, I vowed to never wear a skirt or knee high socks to a race again. The socks above were pulled over my CEP sleeves and were pushed down around mile 3.

In fact, I am hoping Santa brings me the following skirt "Rock and Roll" Sparkle Tech Skirt for Christmas so I can sport it at the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon in February (and it's on sale!)

Do you dress up for races? If so, what was your favorite costume?


  1. I loved my homemade tutu for wine and done for the usf game but that was SI time consuming :(

    1. We were going to make our own but time ran out. We barely had time to exchange the socks we had originally purchased for the Santa outfit. We got the red sparkle since we could wear them to so many other races: Disney (as Minnie, or multiple others), Valentines Day, 4th of July.


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