The 3rd Day of Christmas: Yonana

Saturday, December 8, 2012
For the third  day of Christmas, I decided to talk about one of my new favorite appliances, the Yonanas Machine. I had a contest in November sponsored by Dole where I gave away a Yonana machine to one lucky reader.

I cannot express how much I love my Yonana Maker. Yonana makes delicious creamy, healthy  inexpensive soft serve ice cream out of frozen bananas. I use it way more than I would have ever imagined. While I love the taste of Bananas, I do not like their texture. This is is a wonderful way to get potassium which is super important for us runners. It is great for those with kids as well, you can add anything from chocolate chips to can make up your own flavors. Here is a Salted Chocolate Caramel Yonana I made!
I have been known to eat Yonana for breakfast! I add frozen berries to the frozen banana which makes for a healthy start to a perfect morning.

Yonana is very active on Facebook and Twitter where they are always introducing new recipes and ideas to use with your machine. You can find a ton of Yonana Recipes here.

How about a Tiramisu Yonana!
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Not in the mood for bananas? I make sorbet's all the time with my Yonana maker. All you do is put in a cup of frozen berries (defrost for 7-10 minutes first) and you have yourself a perfect frozen treat:
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