Bacon Bloody Mary's!

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Bacon + Bloody Mary's = Perfection. Just ask my friends over at Datz who put a slab of Bacon in their famous Datz A Mary.
Datz A Mary
I couldn't control my excitement when I learned that there was a Bacon flavored vodka on the market, appropriately named Bakon Vodka. I immediately called my local Total Wine to inquire if they carried this liquid beauty. A short 30 minutes later, I was skipping into my door like a happy school kid. I made a horrid attempt at a chocolate bacon martini - but we aren't going to go there.

For College Game Day 2012 opening day, I made Bacon Bloody Mary's. Using Bacon Salt as my rim, spicy green beans as my garnish and Zing Zang as my mixer, I ended up with the world's best bloody mary.

Rim a Tall glass with Bacon Salt (preferably in a Tervis Tumbler, they help your ice from melting too fast)
Fill with ice
1 1/2 oz Bakon Vodka
Fill the remaining glass with Zing Zang
Garnish with hot and spicy green beans

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