My Virtual Running Buddy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
At our company holiday party last year, my friend Nicole approached me to see if I would be interested in running the Disney Tangled 5K with her. I had originally planned on running the Princess Half Marathon that weekend with my best friend but at this point in my life, I was not dedicated to running. This gave me a perfect opportunity to be part of the Princess weekend and see if this way for me. HA. If only someone could have told me I would have become obsessed with Run Disney thanks to this day.

Donald, Nicole, Megan & Mickey

I have to look back and smile at the day when we signed up, how nervous I was to run 3 miles. On the days coming up to the race, my biggest concern was my race outfit. I will not lie, that is still at the top 50% of my concerns for Run Disney races. During this time, Gabe was not running so I did not have a running buddy. Nicole was and still is my virtual running buddy.
After our first 5K, February 2012
Fast forward 7 months later. Nicole has been my biggest pusher when it comes to signing up for races. From the moment we crossed that finish line together, she was on me until Gabe & I signed up for the Tower of Terror 10 miler (which is three weekends away!!). She wanted me to sign up for the Wine and Dine Half with her. I kindly passed - Yes, She who Run's For Wine isn't running for wine this year. Then I heard the great news, Nicole got into the Disneyland Half Marathon.
Nicole finished in an amazing time. Especially for someone who wasn't trying to beat a P.R. How is this for you - Nicole will receive a Coast to Coast medal the same year she received her first Disney 5K medal!
So Proud of you Nicole!
Prior to the Disneyland Half Marathon, Run Disney revealed the 2013 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon medal. I sent an email of the video introducing the beautiful spinning medal and next thing I know, I receive this email from Nicole:

You can do it!!!  I’m not going to run the whole thing…  it’s only a 16 mile pace.  Come on……    Peer pressure….. Come on do the full…. Plenty of training time left!!!!  DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

See what I put up with! My other co-worker Michelle, a mega-marathoner who has ran a full in every state and every continent, is running the Goofy. Needless to say between the two, I had a lot of peer pressure that day. I ended up signing Gabe & I up for the Disney World Half Marathon. It's the first half we have signed up for! Baby steps.

That is until Gabe saw the 20th anniversary medal.......

Without further ado:
Megan, I have received and processed the transfer for Gabriel's Half Marathon to a Full Marathon. A credit of $125.00 has been submitted and should show back up on the card within a few days!
Thanks, Disney Sports Registration

Does my boyfriend have any idea what he has gotten himself into? At least I know he will have good company with rockstar Nicole!


  1. Megan, First I want to thank you for your blog it is helping me feel more confident about the decision I just made and this story just hit it home. I will be running my first 5k this month and will be running my first half marathon with my other half in January at the Disney World Half. So congratulations on your half! And congratulations to Gabe on his Full! And thanks again for the blog!

    1. Felicia! Thanks so much for the comment :) it truly makes me happy that I can inspire others. I will be at the same half marathon as you in January! You wil truly love RunDisney. There's nothing like running through the happiest place on earth towards a goal. And you get to hug Mickey mouse! I cant wait to hear about your running. Please keep in touch!


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