My First "official" 10K

Monday, September 10, 2012
I ran my first official 10K yesterday in Daytona with a few friends - The Halifax Hospice 5K/10K! The weather stated we would get some rain, and that we did. Luckily it was towards the end and wasn't bad at all.
Tara, Megan, Keri
Since I was away from home, I had to pack up all of my running goodies. I did such a great job remembering to bring everything. The only item I forgot was my shaker & the parents do not have such a thing. So another shaker took it's spot.
It was a odd feeling shaking a martini shaker at 6am. I will take this time to state that if you drink a pre-workout drink that clearly states "Do not consume any liquids or food for 30 minutes prior to taking this shake" listen to the warning. We drink n'sane and IBCAA before every run. Well, I hit Mr. snooze button a few times and couldn't eat my Clif bar and drink my protein shake in the warning window. Let's just say that Vanilla Milkshake flavored protein and sour apple energy do NOT taste that great coming up.

As the last line in that paragraph states, I was a little impaired for a few minutes. I got over it quickly but Keri went ahead upon my instruction. We both knew I would catch up. The 10K we ran had a 5K as well which started 5 minutes before we started. I was told prior to the race that the 10K was the exact course as the 5K just repeated. So I followed the path of everyone else in my mix who I assumed were part of the 10K group. Next thing I know, I am crossing the finish line. OOPS. I had to race my little butt off to find some of the other runners. To say I wasn't happy is a little understatement. My green drink has a Hulk like affect on me from time to time so I do apologize to the girls for being a little rude at the end.

I ended up with a 1:10:58 time, giving me a 11:25 average. Not bad for my first 10K. I am getting more and more excited about our 10 miler in less than 3 weeks at Disney's Tower of Terror 10 miler at Hollywood Studios!


  1. That is still a great time! Too bad they didn't have it marked better though. Good luck on your 10 miler!!

    1. Thank you so much! I try not to stress about time. I always say that unless I am trying to get into the Olympics, just crossing that finish line is good enough. I am so excited / nervous for that 10 miler!

  2. Just started reading your blog...great job on the 10K :-) Love that you use a martini shaker for your protein drinks!!!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you so much :) I usually don't use the martini shaker although I may start doing so!


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