Monster Dash 5K Orlando Discount Code

Monday, September 24, 2012
The Monster Dash 5K in Orlando (Clermont) is rapidly approaching! If you saw my post in August, you're already aware that I am very excited for this race which is taking place on October 27th. There is a $10 off discount code when you sign up for the race on Active between now and October 4th. The code is AXLASTDASH, click here to register.

The Monster Dash is a survival 5K where you try to survive to the finish line. Monsters, zombies, werewolves and various walking dead creatures will be doing their hardest to claim your lives. The little creepers kids run starts at 5:30, followed by four waves, three of which require you to wear a headlamp.
Glow in the dark medals and t-shirts will be given out at the finish line. There are different medals and shirts to indicate if you are part of the walking dead or finished as a survivor. To survive this race, you need to cross the line with a life (flag). I have heard rumors that it is harder for the monsters to get you if you are in a group, so grab a team of friends to survive this race.
This race sounds like a ton of fun. I hope to see you there! Do you think you would be a survivor or the walking dead?

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