Chile Olive Oil Dinner - Flamestone Grill

Monday, September 3, 2012
I was recently honored to be a guest of Family Foodie to attend a Chile Olive Oil tasting and dinner at Flamestone Grill. It was overall an amazing night spent with some old friends and meeting new ones. Chef Eric Lackey made our entire menu utilizing Chile Olive Oil.

We started off the night with a Black Pepper Tomato Pretzel Bread with a White Anchovies Aioli. I loved the bread but the aioli was a little fishy for my taste.
Black Pepper Tomato Pretzel Bread
Next up, we had an Heirloom Yellow Tomato Caprese Salad. Those who know me are aware that I do not eat raw tomatoes. I did try this one and it was good. I cannot get over the texture. The tomato and mozzarella paired excellent with the olive oil.
Followed by a Fresh Tomato Tart. It was very light and the olive oil really brought out all of the flavors.
Fresh Tomato Tart
Our last starter was one of my favorite dishes of the evening. Olive Tapenade made in a traditional molcajete with Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I would buy this stuff by the gallon.
Olive Tapenade
Our first entree of the evening was Agave Soaked Chicken with red wine bermuda onions and pan seared Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil purple potatoes with a burnt sugar olive oil dust. It was good but a little too sweet for my taste.
Agave Soaked Chicken
Hello Lover. Cast iron seared polenta crusted Chilean Sea Bass with a toasted pepita, Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drizzle. Chef Eric, I want this recipe!
Cast Iron Seared Chilean Sea Bass.
I thought I was in foodie heaven. Then this happened. Portabella and Goat cheese with a procini and white truffle cappallacci Raviolis, pan crisped in the EVOO. Everyone in the room was freaking out over this dish. It completely overshadowed the Goat Cheese and arugula stuffed pidina that it was plated with, which I not only skipped out on trying but I also failed at a shot of it. This was hands down my favorite item of the night. Sorry Tapenade - you were amazing but I am currently obsessing over goat cheese so this little guy won.
Portabella and Goat Cheese
Moving on to desserts. I must start this by stating that I am not a huge fan of chocolate. I know - I am weird. Yet when I see chocolate and savory in the same dish, I get excited. Therefor when I read the words - Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sea salt brownie with a peanut butter dust infused olive oil caramelized marshmallow, I about fell out of my chair. The peanut butter dust became a creamy peanut butter once it hit your tongue. The marshmallow made me reminisce making smores. The brownie was too chocolaty for my taste, but that is nothing against the chef. I had two bites of the brownie and ate the marshmallow and the fun peanut butter dust.
EVOO Sea Salt Brownie
While I am not a chocoloholic, I will rarely turn down a cookie. The Olive Oil almond sugar cookie with fresh raspberries and whipped cream was delish.
Olive Oil Almond Sugar Cookie
Finally, the Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil cake with candied tangerines and pecans was Amazing. It was my favorite dessert of the night. I ate the entire thing.
EVOO cake with candied tangerines

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  1. Yum! I love Flamestone Grill! Its less than ten minutes from our condo and I have never had a bad thing there!

    1. I've never been until this dinner! I've always wanted to go since I've heard amazing things about their guacamole! I'm def going to go back when I'm on that side of town next! Hope your having a nice Labor Day weekend!

  2. Sigh...can I have more of that goat cheese and cappallacci please? So. Freaking. Good. ;)

  3. P.S. It took me 5 tries to get the captcha right this time. I swear I'm a real person, but your blog doesn't like me ;)

    1. My blog does too like you! You're one of my blogs favorite people :)

  4. Loved meeting you and spending time enjoying this fabulous cuisine at Flamestone Grill. The Chile Olive Oil was just amazing! Thank you for the awesome post.

    1. Thank YOU for having me as your guest! It was lovely meeting you in real life. Look forward to seeing you again soon :)

  5. I still can't decide what my favorite dish was. The tapenade was delicious, the goat cheese ravioli so good, but the brownie might have been my favorite.

    1. I agree w/ you! I want that Tapenade right now!


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