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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
While at Hollywood Studios this weekend, we found ourselves attempting to make reservations at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. Although the park was not very busy, we were told they were booked for reservations. The nice lady at WDW-Dine asked me if we have ever tried 50's Prime Time Cafe, one of Hollywood Studios themed restaurants. We didn't know this restaurant existed.

She informed me that it was like dining back in the 1950's, invited into Mom's family, into her kitchenette. "But Mom expects you to mind your manners, so don't be surprised if she tells you to keep your elbows off the table." Say what? When I asked about the menu, I was told they had fried chicken, pot roast, chicken pot pie "But you are expected to eat your vegetables". O.K., now we are intrigued.

We showed up early for our reservation and was told to have a seat in Dad's bar. The decor was right out my memories of my Nanna's house.
Dad's Bar
We had our bartender make a margarita, which rivaled Epcot's famous Margaritas from Mexico.
While our bartender was making the drink, our name was called. I got yelled at for being in the bar. I wasn't expecting that. The host threw a fit, slammed down his board and screamed - it isn't like we don't have a ton of other families wanting to eat lunch. Now we have to wait on you to get a beverage from the bar. He then stormed off. I knew right then we were in for an experience unlike anyone I have had at Disney.

We were sat in a dining room looking over an old black and white TV. The table beside us had a TV at their table. Every room in the restaurant had a different decor theme to it.
Decor of 50's Prime Time Cafe
Black and White TVs playing Disney Classics

We were greeted by a server named Richard who promptly told me to put my "walkie-talkie" down and to spend time with my family, not my friends on this box. How was I going to take photos of my food for this post?!

We got yelled at once again for getting drinks at the bar. I guess it didn't work this way in the 50's. Gabe's father ordered a diet cherry coke, you would have thought the world was over. Richard yelled at him that adding cherry syrup to diet coke ruins the diet - and went back to make him one before he could change his mind. I have a feeling Richard tripled the amount of grenadine in that coke, it was horrid. From that point on, Gabe's Dad purposely misbehaved, causing our table to get in trouble, quite frequently.

Richard informed us that the best thing on the menu was fried chicken or a sampling of Mom's favorite recipes. Gabe ordered the chicken which pleased Richard. It was decent, not the best but not bad either. Some of the pieces were super juicy while others were beyond dry. The greens were great - to the point that Gabe actually ate them.
Aunt Liz's Golden Fried Chicken
I ordered soup and a salad. I didn't want a huge plate of comfort food at 12 in the afternoon, especially if I was expected to eat it all. Normally, I would have gone for the chicken pot pie but today I got chicken noodle soup and Aunt Annies Seafood Salad. Both were amazing.
Chicken Noodle Soup
The seafood salad had huge shrimp, crab meat and scallops. It was light and delicious. I ate every bite.
Aunt Annies Seafood Salad
Gabe's Mom got Grandpa's Crab Cake and Cousin Amy's Iceberg Lettuce Wedge.
Grandpa's Crab Cake
Cousin Amy's Iceberg Lettuce Wedge
Gabe's father ordered the Meatloaf - which caused him to get yelled at by Richard once again. Although he was very happy with his decision, it was excellent.
Dad's Traditional Meatloaf
Once Gabe and his father finished their meals, they were given dessert menus. 5 minutes later, I finished and I was given a menu. That is when I realized that you don't get dessert until you clear your plate. Although we were full, we had to give the desserts a try. The second I saw S'mores on the menu, I knew I had to order them. What a neat way to make smores!
Our neighboring table ordered the brownie sundae, so of course we had to order one as well when we saw it. Check out the caramel corn and mickey mouse sprinkles! We absolutely did NOT need this dessert. I am not a big sweets eater so I could only handle a few bites. Gabe's father had to finish it and regretted it later.
We were very pleased with our experience at Disney's 50's Prime Time Cafe. We will absolutely go back. Just don't order a diet cherry coke, you will regret it.

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  1. Oh man this sounds fun! There use to be a place in Chicago that is very similar without the Disney flair! Maybe we will try and eat here the week of the WDW Marathon.


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