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Monday, July 16, 2012
I came across a blog post while stalking the hash tag BlogHer12, gearing up for the big event in 2 1/2 weeks (I am trying not to panic over packing)!

Suzanne from BeBehblog - attack of the ginger babies (HA great blog name - from one ginger to another, I love this) followed the trend of Photo a Day (which I attempted and failed at for July) and created one especially for BlogHer! This is a 4 day challenge, starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday.

I absolutely love this idea and will be making my partner in crime, Darlynn, do this while we are in NYC. I may have to put an outlook reminder for all of these photos per day, but we can do it!

Here are some notes from Suzanne's blog post: I present to you: The BlogHer Photo A Day challenge! Four pics a day for four days means 16 photos in all – totally doable! The plan is to follow along on Instagram (use the hashtag #bh12photoaday) while we’re at the conference and then when we all get home I’ll post a linky for round-up posts. If you’re NOT in NYC, feel free to play along at home, get creative (maybe you’ve still got that Statue of Liberty snow globe you bought on your 4th grade trip? Just me?) and link up the second week of August. I’ve got a few friends who’ve already promised to play along but the more kids play the more fun it will be. We start August 1st! Are you in?

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  1. Sounds like fun! Except all the traveling related photos for me wouldn't be until Thursday...haha! ;) Thanks for sharing!


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