My fitness week in review

Sunday, July 22, 2012
Another week in the books and only 66 days until the Tower of Terror 10 miler. EEEEK. Here is my week in review. Where the mileage is not where it should be, our timing is getting faster.

Monday - 3.1 - 33:11:
Thursday -  2.02 - 20:21
which I DID NOT WANT TO DO & somehow managed to get a PR.
Sunday - 3:05 - 32:54
Mind you Saturday was supposed to be 6 miles.....but we had family in town and I wasn't feeling 100% this week. So we opted for a Magic Mile day (no not Magic Mike girls - get your head out of the gutters).
PS After our race this morning, Gabe told me I could be a stunt double for an Oompah Loompah due to the color of my face.

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