Keep Calm and Push On....

Saturday, July 14, 2012
There are times when one has to think back on what they have accomplished instead of how much further they have to go. This morning's run was one of these days. I woke up energized and ready to tackle my longest distance to date which was supposed to be 5 miles. We are training for the tower of terror 10 miler and it is time to step up our distance.

Mile 1 was awesome. We clocked it at 9:30. We are doing the Galloway method of 4 on 1 off. Mile 2 still made me happy. We were averaging a 10:15 mile. Mile 3 I have no idea as I got side tracked by the Red Bull Wakeboard Open and had to stop for some photos.

Then in the 90 degree Florida heat, I started losing steam, fast. I started questioning whether or not I could complete 10 miles. I started doubting myself as a runner. I thought there was no way in hell that I could do the Wine and Dine half marathon which I was planning on signing up for this weekend.

I got down on myself. I had to stop for a minute to regroup and realize that it was only a mere 3 months ago that I truly started running. Sure, I had run a 5K IN February at the Disney Tangled but honestly, I was not a runner then. After the Tangled, my boyfriend Gabe and I signed up for Expedition Everest and before we had a chance to run it, we signed up for the Tower of Terror 10 miler. It's an inaugural race, I love Halloween and it was selling out fast - I thought it would be a good push to get us truly into running and a great pre-half marathon goal.

With what we have accomplished in 3 months, I have to sit back and yell at myself for being negative. I was not this person months ago. I would never have turned down happy hour with friends because I had to run. The Angel on my shoulder says "even if I have to walk a lot of the 10 miler, who cares. I am out there doing this and you walk a faster pace than the minimum requirements". The Devil says "I struggled today with 5 miles. Am I going to be able to double that in 10 weeks"?? Screw you Devil. I could never imagine posting this image back in April when I started.


  1. great job! as Miley Cyrus says, it's the climb!! and yes I am a dork! you are going to rock it and training! we still have a little over 2 months and I alwAys say, slow and steady finished the race, and my first coach ever told me if your not planning on winning, go out with the intention of having run!

  2. LOL I love it. Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes the heat gets to me and makes me want to give up. I will proudly say that we had an amazing run yesterday and I got a night time PR. This never happens on Monday nights!


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