No you didn't Donald Duck

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Donald Donald Donald. Last month, Gabe told me he wanted to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon so he could get the "coolest Run Disney Medal ever" and I agreed. In fact, I gave up running the 2012 Wine and Dine Half so we could do both the WDW 1/2 and the Princess Half Marathon the following month. At this rate, I may need a second job to feed my Run Disney obsession.
2012 Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon Medal
Then to my surprise, I receive an email tonight from Run Disney with a video notifying us that Donald Duck stole Mickey Mouses medal design for the 2013 20th anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon because Donald was jealous and wanted a new medal design.

During the video, you will find out that Donald shouldn't have been jealous - he is getting a new medal too. NOOOO! I wanted that Donald Medal!! I know veteran Run Disney members are rejoicing to be receiving a new medal in 2013 so I cannot be upset. I am optimistic that the 2013 medal rocks.

Donald is now known as the Great Medal Caper. A Facebook page has created to assist catching him and I have to applaud Disney's creative team. It is very  interactive and there are multiple levels, you advance to the next levels with clues, liking the page, sharing photos, videos and links. Eventually Donald will be found and they will release the 2013 20th anniversary Disney World Marathon Medal and Disney World 1/2 Marathon Medal. Visit The Great Medal Caper page to interact with the fun. One thing I love about Disney is that they have the magical ability to make you feel like a kid again and not feel immature for doing so.
I love Run Disney - if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today. I suggest anyone looking to get into running to sign up for any of the Disney 5K's. The magic will hit you and next thing you know, you're training for a 10 miler with a half marathon right behind it's tail.


  1. I so need to run a Disney race - every time I see a recap or blog post, I get so jealous:) I only wish I lived closer...

    1. Hi Meghan - great name :) Where do you live? Run Disney is the best. If you ever get the opportunity to come down to race one, you should do it. I have the opposite problem that I live too close - so I want to run all of them but they aren't exactly cheap and with 2 running them, it's the price of a vacation. I've put a limit on Run Disney: 2 long distance runs and 2 5K's in one calendar year.


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