Dine Tampa Bay & Foodspotting Meetup at Datz

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Last night was the first Tampa Bay Foodspotting meetup with Dine Tampa Bay at Datz.

I was honored to have an opportunity to go to this event, especially as I am a foodspotting junkie and I love any excuse to go to Datz. Dine Tampa Bay is getting geared up for the 2012 Restaurant Week, quite honestly my favorite time to be a Tampa Bay resident. It's two weeks of exclusive prix fixe menu's and you have a choice of selecting $25, $35 & $45 restaurants. It's a great opportunity to try restaurants you usually wouldn't be able to afford on a week night, or try things you normally wouldn't order off the menu. It's a foodies dream.

The evening started with Heather (a/k/a the Director of Fun) letting us know we would be trying out new items that are appearing at the restaurant on Friday. I love menu sneak peeks!

First out the door were Popsicle cocktail's, Florida Citrus and Berry. I liked both, although the Florida Citrus was my favorite of the two.
Datz Popsicle Cocktails
Moving onto the food. We tried was the seasonal Watermelon Salad - fresh watermelon with pickled red onion, feta cheese, arugula and finished with a chili-lime salt ($10). I have been seriously loving watermelon this season and was very happy to try this out. It was excellent.
Watermelon Salad at Datz $10

Next up was Poutine - crispy fries topped with cheddar cheese curd, demi-glace and topped with a sunny-side egg ($9). Seriously off the chain. I went to a second event this night which Jeff Houck of TBO was at. I really thought I was going to have to pry my phone from him after showing him this photo!
Poutine at Datz $9
Now that my diet was officially ruined, I decided to go all in, especially hearing the next item on the menu: Fish N' Crisps - beer battered Atlantic cod, served with homemade chips, dusted with a malt vinegar powder ($18). The malt vinegar powder was genius and gave you the flavor of malt vinegar without making your food soggy. Food science is awesome.
Fish N' Crisps at Datz $18
We also got to try a blood orange gelato push up pop. My photo didn't turn out so great so I decided not to post it although it was very good and refreshing.

Another item on Datz summer menu which I did not have an opportunity to try was the Rilette - whipped mortadella mouse topped with dried cherries and toasted pistachios, served with brioche $12
Rilette at Datz $12

One thing I noticed was amongst the bottles of vodka, rum and tequila available for purchase was a ton of Spam. I found this a little odd, then found out that they have a new item on their brunch menu called Spam and Eggs. Pan fried spam served with two eggs ay style, topped with red eye gravy $12.
Datz is a true experience. We always bring our family here when they come into town and suggest it to anyone looking for a great dinner place in Tampa. It is casual but not too casual. You know their food and drinks will be spot on every time you go there and you will never feel out of place. I couldn't end this post without some photos of their their bakery & candy section. They sell everything from handmade chocolates, macaroons, gelato and the largest cakes you have ever witnessed.

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  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you IRL last night! My favorite dish is definitely a toss up between the Poutine and the Fish n' Crisps! Both were so delicious!

  2. I agree all around!! I am in town for the first time in months this weekend, so me and the Mr. may have to go use the free dinner we received! How far are you running on Saturday? I need to do 5 miles (gag) so I may see you on Bayshore if you go in the morning.


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