New York State of Mind part 3 - Adult Beverages & Happy Hour

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
In 8 days, my Outlook calendar will fully take over my life in NYC at BlogHer. I feel we deserve a few cocktails along the way

While researching for this post, I have come to the realization of two things:
1. A specialty drink in NYC will put you back $20 a pop after tip
2. I am not sophisticated by NYC drinking standards. Gone are the days of ordering a simple Cosmo

It seems there are tons of Speakeasy's throughout Manhattan, so we will be visiting PDT - Please Don't Tell. PDT is a prohibition style bar located inside of Crif Dogs. You find the phone booth, and you get access into a bar which is claimed to have amazing drinks.
The hidden entrance to PDT
I am sure we are going to be in need of many Bloody Mary's this trip. I found what has been named one of the best Bloody Mary's in town at Brother Jimmy's. It is served in a Mason Jar, with pickled green beans. Win win. Going to a BBQ joint in NYC will be a first for both of us.

Darlynn has taken the backseat this trip on my neurotic planning. She had only two requests in the land of cocktails. First was drinking at a roof top bar. We found the Sky Room Times Square which happens to have a Happy Hour! Conveniently, Wednesday's are $7 Caipirinha night.!
Sky Room Times Square
 Darlynn's second was going to St. Dymphna's for a pint. This is her favorite bar in NYC.
St Dymphna's
I am currently obsessed with Pisco Sour's, and there multiple locations offering this yummy drink. I really wanted to go to WD-50 but it is too far for our limited time schedule. So we will be visiting Pio Pio
Pisco Sour
The London is offering a free glass of champagne or a complimentary appetizer to BlogHer attendees - so we will be partaking in a little bubbly. The London is very active on Twitter, you should follow them if you are planning on going to NYC.
The London Bar
And finally a trip to NYC wouldn't be the same without a few Cosmos. I may be stuck in the last decade, but I still love Carrie Bradshaw and can watch countless hours of Sex and the City (the show, not the movie).

I think I will end this post now, as it is making me especially thirsty.

If you missed New York State of mind part one and two, you can find them here:

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