New York State of Mind part 1

Friday, July 20, 2012
In less than two weeks, I will be in the big apple, doing a little shopping, a lot of eating and drinking but most importantly, attending BlogHer 12 with my partner in crime Darlynn. We are so excited for the things we will learn, which I will post about in two weeks. But until then, you get to hear a little about our agenda!

Today is all about the food.

Lucky us, we will be in New York during Summer Restaurant Week 2012! I am an Open Table VIP and have two $20 vouchers which I will be bringing with me to NYC. We decided that we would go to two very nice lunches, each choosing one.

Darlynn wanted an authentic Italian Restaurant. While reading off the top tiered Italian restaurants, she said Il Cantinori. I squealed in true Carrie Bradshaw style, IL CANTINORI? Immediately we both flashed on one of our favorite Sex and the City episodes of all times - The Agony and The Extasy, which takes place at the one and only Il Cantinori, where we promptly made lunch reservations:
Are we allowed to order a Shirley Temple?

I on the other hand have wanted to go to David Burke's Townhouse ever since seeing him appear on Bravo's Top Chef Masters. We booked our reservations, tweeted Chef Burke and promptly got a response from him. PS - that is how you do social media. Bravo to you Chef Burke. I cannot wait to get my hands on a Cheesecake Lollipop Tree

Photo property of
Cheesecake Lollipop Tree - Photo property of
We will be enjoying a nice breakfast at Todd English's Cava Brasserie. I am looking forward to the Toasted Croque Madame. I couldn't find a photo of his version of this fabulous sandwich, so you get a picture of Mr. English ;)
We have two dinners planned with friends, so it will be a surprise where we end up. We did make a joint decision that we would get a nice steak dinner. We ended up with Ben and Jack's Steak House on 44th. It was very difficult to come up with the destination, but as soon as Darlynn went on their website, it was a done deal thanks to Frank. Did I mention one of the appetizers on their summer menu is a thick slice of sizzling Canadian bacon? Just saying.....
We will also make a stop to Serendipity 3. I have never visited the NY location, just the one in Vegas. Darlynn has not had a chance to try out Serendipity either, as the lines are always insane. We will make a point to get a frozen hot chocolate on this trip.
Serendipity Vegas
A stop for Macaroons at the new Laduree Shops on Madison Ave

After walking around in the NYC heat, we will cool down with a Pop Bar in Little Italy
 Finally, trip to NYC is not complete without a visit to Magnolia Bakery
Photo rights of Magnolia Bakery

Hungry yet? I sure am! One thing is for certain, I am going to be a Food Spotting beast while in the big apple!


  1. Wow - you guys are on top of it! I have yet to make reservations for any meals, but I've been perusing sites and getting ideas...and I also have two $20 Open Table certificates too!!! How funny.
    I know Bouchon bakery is on our list, even if my husband just picks something like a chocolate croissant or a few macarons up for me during the conference to bring back to the room. We also want to hit up an Indian restaurant...most likely Devi...if we can get a reservation one night. Also - I think I have about 5 different ice cream related shops I want to cream tour anyone??? ;) Haha!

  2. I'm down for a ice cream tour! Def go to Serendipity. I've been hoarding my Open Table points for this trip. How perfect restaurant week is happening while we are up there! I did see quite a few Indian Restaurants on Open Table in NYC. I love love love Indian Food. Is there a good place by you? I've only been to the ones near campus. Just OK.


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